Untitled – Process

Today’s experiment: I felt I needed some direction lately so I dipped my toe once again into some of Paul Klee’s writings. One principle that I was happy to recall was his idea that process is more important than form. Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but it helped me with today’s composition. My process today: […]

Untitled Time Piece

Today’s experiment: I am in the midst of a series of experiments that explore visual portrayal of time. Summarizing my progress thus far: I developed a graphic that represents the passage of time based on how one’s eyes scan a photographic contact sheet; I assigned the yellow portion of the spectrum and sepia to represent […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: I used yesterday’s experiment as a jumping off point to begin today’s composition. I have always been intrigued by the idea of a timeline. Until I realized that time is one of the variables present in a contact sheet, I hadn’t quite pictured a timeline as a back-facing ‘S’. Today’s study began as an abstraction of […]