Degeneration of the Past

I finished Patient H.M. today. I have always been interested in memory and have read some of what has been written about this famous patient whose profound memory loss (induced almost certainly) by a bilateral resection of his medial temporal lobes. There was much personal and political intrigue and an appalling sense of the lack […]

Time Tiger

Today’s experiment: I am still working with my color scheme and graphic I developed several posts ago (Re-Inspection of Time) about the past and how to depict it. The graphic is a zig zag or continuous ‘S’ curve, derived from the way my eyes scan an old fashioned photographic contact sheet. Of course this is […]

90th Birthday Party

I write the on February 8th, the day of Mom’s 90th birthday party. Her birthday is actually February 9th, which is when I scheduled this post to go live. Mom planned on having a her party more than 6 months ago. She called me at that time to ask if I would be coming. I […]

Follow-up on a Theme

Yesterday I was thinking about texture. It began when I noticed the sunlit bark of a tree. I said at the end of yesterday’s post, how I was hoping for a textural year in 2015. Texture has a range, just like tonal values of photographs and paintings. Texture is a multimodal concept. There is texture in sound, […]

Mining Disaster

Shortly after I started blogging, I wondered how faithful my memory was to actual events of my past. Not that it matters. I am practically the only one left who still remembers anything about those times, so there is no one to contradict me. It was important to me just the same. I lamented that […]

Twenty-seven + Twenty-two

A record I bet that hold a record for forgetting. Back in 1991, I had this roll of film developed. I must have carted it around with all my stuff since college. I think it was 1991, because when I got the contact sheets back I remember thinking, “Damn, this was taken 27 years ago!” […]

Then and Now – 11

This is a picture of my brother and me in the early 1960s. In 2002, another picture was taken: Today, Mike is in a geriatric facility, since he has cataracts and can’t get around very well. I hope to be able to visit him, when I am on the east coast again. Mike has never ever […]

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