Today’s abstract is in the style of the paintings of the past couple of days (After Kandinsky, Abstract 012816). I began with a lemon yellow wash and blended it toward cadmium red light with transparent earth yellow as an intervening pigment. The curved blended border influenced my free-hand line drawings. This composition works in portrait format as […]

Abstract 012816

Today’s watercolor is a variation of yesterday’s, which was inspired by Kandinsky’s line drawings in front of a colorful background. As with my abstract of yesterday, I began with two lines intersecting at 90 degrees. I ended each line with a flourish, with the aid of a compass and added another concentric arc. Yesterday I […]

Inky Past/Present Linkage

Today’s experiment: I worked with ink today. I am pursuing the same theme I began a few days ago: the portrayal of the past in visual terms. Although relativistic physics tells us that time and space are intimately connected (i.e., spacetime), it is impossible to capture the flow of time on a canvas without the […]

Kandinsky and Autism

I’m reading The Bauhaus Group, by Nicholas Weber. I just finished the section about Paul Klee and started the one about Wassily Kandinsky.  Klee and Kandinsky were friends and were professors at the Bauhaus at the same time. Kandinsky’s urge to express his feelings Several of the passages about Kandinsky, at the start of the section […]