Portrait of Mike, and Thoughts

Sketching helps me. I’ve used sketching and photography to try understanding my brother Michael. He is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. I used photography to capture moments that may have escaped my notice and to better notice details about him. Sketching brings me a little deeper. It is a more direct connection. For example, the […]

Rough Free Form

I used different materials for today’s watercolor. I used a very heavy paper (300 pound), square in format. I drew a charcoal outline and painted inside the lines. I wanted to continue my version of ‘action painting’ by crumpling it up and returning it to its flattened state. I knew it would be different than the […]


You should have seen the first wash of this study. Very subtle contours and graded grays. The second wash was a curtain of gray drips. I decided to add color to the mass of gray, and started with a primary blue gouache. I echoed the gray drips and added a primary red . The red […]

Untitled – Process

Today’s experiment: I felt I needed some direction lately so I dipped my toe once again into some of Paul Klee’s writings. One principle that I was happy to recall was his idea that process is more important than form. Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but it helped me with today’s composition. My process today: […]