Clouds at the Edge of the Earth

I’ve never seen this pattern in the sky. I have seen it before, however, on the beach. Receding water of the ocean often leaves this design on the shore. Perhaps the same action was taking place in the sky, with the wind assuming the role of the sea, and the cloudy mist playing the sand.

Stone Treads

I remember tripping on pavement squares that have been raised by tree roots expanding underneath them. Some time later the offending edges were spray painted bright red; shortly thereafter the edges were ground smooth with each other. No more tripping hazard. Below is an intersection between several sidewalk sections. Something about the arrangement must have […]

Angry Rock?

I saw this rock the other day. I couldn’t tell if the design was painted by a person or if was an array of lichens banding together in an attempt to communicate with aliens. I did not see other human graffiti in the vicinity, so the lichen story may be the more viable explanation of […]

Another Succulent

Today’s watercolor experiment: I felt really bad that I didn’t take care of my fuzzy, thick-leaved plant, the subject of one of my watercolor studies a day or so ago. Whilst doing errands therefore, I picked up a grove (?), orchard (?), gaggle (?) of new succulents. (Forgive, me but I do not know the […]

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