Cactus in February

Today, I take a break from February’s small watercolored sketches. The past couple have been sub par. Here is a photo of the last remaining plant in a cactus garden that I started shortly after moving west.  It seems to be flourishing, just as I hope to be in the coming year.

Stylized Squirrel-Eaten Succulent

I’m still annoyed at those squirrels who ate my succulent (see Damn Squirrels). I saw one standing right in the pot, munching nonchalantly. Fortunately (for him) I didn’t have a tennis ball within reach; he left when I rapped on the window. The scrawny succulents had a very stable platform for those squirrel vermin. I […]

Watercolor Penciled Succulent

I wanted to paint with my watercolors today but I had to work in the bedroom. I dusted off my watercolor pencils, that I haven’t used very much. Earlier, I used a 2B pencil to sketch a rescued succulent that I have been nursing to health on the back porch. Below is the first stage […]

Hockey Brush?

Today’s watercolor experiment: There was a sale on watercolor brushes. I have so many already, but I couldn’t resist these. They are called hake (rhymes with hockey) brushes. I have two of them. One is 3.5 inches wide and the other is 2 inches wide.  I purchased a 1 inch and a half inch brush. […]

Life Drawing Crassula Purpureum

Today’s watercolor experiment: My daughter Bethany bought me another succulent: Crassula Purpureum. It is in one of those thin, biodegradable pots (I hope it’s biodegradable). I experimented with life drawing today, since yesterday I drew by looking back and forth between the paper and the plant. Today, I didn’t look at the paper at all. […]

Another Succulent

Today’s watercolor experiment: I felt really bad that I didn’t take care of my fuzzy, thick-leaved plant, the subject of one of my watercolor studies a day or so ago. Whilst doing errands therefore, I picked up a grove (?), orchard (?), gaggle (?) of new succulents. (Forgive, me but I do not know the […]

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