Clouds at the Edge of the Earth

I’ve never seen this pattern in the sky. I have seen it before, however, on the beach. Receding water of the ocean often leaves this design on the shore. Perhaps the same action was taking place in the sky, with the wind assuming the role of the sea, and the cloudy mist playing the sand.

Feathered Infundibulum

I twisted a fan brush loaded with paint to begin this composition. I interposed some red between the feathered spikes of blue. This design contains several depictions of funnel, or funnel effects. Infundibulum is from the Latin. It means funnel. It is also the term for stalk that connects the hypothalamus to the pituitary, dangling […]

Abstract – Waves

No real plan for today’s experiment. I began with blue and cut it with a bit of white. I followed suit with red. I used the idea of indoor and outdoor light from yesterday, with cool colors on the left, changing to warm colors on the other side of the composition. I outlined some of the […]


It was a long trip back home. I still see the road when I close my eyes. Coziness was on my mind during the whole trip… Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with a lazy terra rosa curve. ‘Terra rosa’ just sounds cozy, doesn’t it?  It is buttery in consistency and I love to paint with […]

Waves and Reflections

I’m taking it easy and feeling better since my kidney stone pain. Thank you for your kind wishes. Today’s watercolor experiment: I watched a video about painting waves and tried it out. Waves – Process: I carefully wet the paper, unlike my normal practice of soaking it. After preparing a wash of Prussian blue, I […]

White Spot with a Twist

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began my study by washing the watercolor paper with perinone orange. I wasn’t quite sure of what I was going to do next. I have found that perinone orange is a very mobile pigment. It diffuses like crazy when dropped onto wet watercolor paper. On the other hand, cadmium yellow pale […]