Another Succulent

Today’s watercolor experiment: I felt really bad that I didn’t take care of my fuzzy, thick-leaved plant, the subject of one of my watercolor studies a day or so ago. Whilst doing errands therefore, I picked up a grove (?), orchard (?), gaggle (?) of new succulents. (Forgive, me but I do not know the […]


Yesterday I mentioned that the leaves of the dragonfruit seemed to be arranged with spiral symmetry. If one looks at the leaves in groups of three, they seem to be arrayed as shingles on a roof or scales on a fish. In fact another name for dragonfruit is ‘dragon scales’. Today’s experiment I thought that […]

Single Dragonfruit

There were still a few dragonfruits (DF)  left when I went back to the fruit store. I chose the smallest, good looking one, as they are super expensive (and sold by the pound). When I searched for ‘dragonfruit’, Wikipedia yielded the page for Pitaya.  ” ‘Pitaya’ usually refers to fruit of the genus Stenocereus, while ‘Pitahaya’ or ‘Dragonfruit’ always refers […]

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