Blind Drawing of Family Group

My first blind drawings (drawing without looking at the paper) were of landscapes: skylines, in particular. The sketch below reminds me very much of a skyline. I traced the outline of each figure in turn, without taking the pen from the paper.

Dream Skyline

I love photographs depicting the tops of bridges or very tall buildings, when the rest of the edifice is obscured by clouds. Since I am not inclined to take my camera to great heights or wait for clouds to enshroud a favorite bridge or building, I painted my own misty environment and used sepia ink […]

Vivid Sky

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’m still interested in the amorphous formations of clouds in the sky. However, instead of drawing or painting specifically shaped cloud objects, I am allowing the watercolors to be watercolors and let them flow, mix, bloom with the addition of diluted color or clear water, and blot with the touch of a […]

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