Quarantine Portrait Series: Sketcherly Self Portrait

The other day,  I treated myself to a book about Cézanne, one of my favorite artists. I was inspired by his spare sketches, to concentrate on broad pencil strokes rather than replicating details.  The study below is not Cézanne-esque, but is, perhaps the start of a new direction for my self portrait sketches.

Hard at Work

The double outline of the woman’s face gives the viewer the opportunity to see the face turned slightly toward the viewer (three quarters profile – see yesterday’s post) or looking across the page (full profile).

Dislocated Faces

Distractions can be the source of dislocations and distortions in blind contour drawings. In the following example, I began the figure on the left just below the ear, but ended a distance away from the starting point. In the second figure, you might notice a rough curve inside it. I repositioned the pen (with the […]

Lady Drawn Too Short

I sketched the lady below immediately after the sketch from yesterday. Somehow the odd spirit of that drawing transferred to the one below. My blind drawings of profiles seem to be better than the ones I compose while sketching normally.  I started this one too low on the page and decided to continue the fiction by […]

Two Girl Outlines with Some Inner Detail

I concentrated on the outlines of these two women. I do get sidetracked while drawing some sketches. For example, I start on a shoe and follow its edge along the outside of the leg; then I go back and noodle with the inner edge. I do this sometimes, section by section. In the sketch below, […]

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