Nespoli and Neighbors

The nespoli (loquat) fruit tree in the back yard is loaded. There will be a lot of food for the birds, since most of the nespoli are beyond reach. I did a blind drawing (peeking a little bit) of the skyline formed by the fig, nespoli and pine trees. I filled in the fruits where […]

Nespol-Leaf Salad

The nespoli (also known as loquats) are still hanging around on the tree, although there are a significant number on the ground. Some of them on the tree have been eaten away by birds. Squirrels like them too, but I haven’t seen them around. I took some more pictures, this time concentrating on the leaves. […]

Preliminary Sketch Abstract Nespoli

I like the design that came through in my photograph of the nespoli (also known as loquat) tree. Yesterday’s painting was fun to do. I think resolving the shapes in the photograph to circles and polygons would be an interesting exercise as well. Below is my preliminary drawing. In the second stage, I will try […]


Today, for a change of pace, I created a watercolor rendition of some of the nespoli in the back yard. Just joking. It is not a change of pace, since nespoli are the same as loquats. (I think nespoli is plural. I have never heard of a nespolum, or a nespolus.) I decided to include a […]