Meditation Series: Man and Newsstand LH (2023)

I found out I may have chipped a bone in my wrist. I’ll be continuing to draw left handed for a while. I began this meditation series with broad (left-handed)strokes. It is supposed to be a man standing on a corner with a newsstand and a Don’t Walk sign in the background. I hope to […]

Meditation Series: Fantasy on a Street Construction Site – 8/8 Iteration (2023)

On the last two cells of this matrix I experimented with washes. Usually, I begin with details. That makes it more difficult to paint in a uniform background. In a few days, I’ll see how the details work out.

Girl Looking at Propped-Up Laptop

This young lady looked very comfortable looking at her laptop. I’m not sure if she was using it to study or for pleasure. There were a minimum of papers on the table and she was quiet and virtually motionless. Maybe she was meditating.

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