Japanese Garden

There were so many trees, each of them different: different kinds of leaves, different tones, different shadings. The sketch below is a meditation. I could have worked on it all day. The overcast lighting would not have changed the shadowing that much. I have a photograph of this scene, so I can get back to […]

Big Self Portrait

I got a few books out of the library about Alexej Jawlensky. I love his abstract portraits. One aspect of his work that interested me quite a bit was its repetitive nature. He developed his vision from more representational to abstract. Among his portraits are several series ‘Constructivist Heads’ , ‘Meditations’, ‘Variations’.  The major elements of […]


When I have no dream images to figure out how to paint, when I have to change my subject matter to portray because it has become too emotionally difficult to handle (my autistic brother Mike), I don’t know to paint. I need to paint. I found a solution today. Today’s watercolor experiment: I am attracted to visually […]


I started a watercolor class today. I’m looking forward to learning more about what I can do with that medium. I also thought, since I am reacquainting myself with the basics of painting, I should also think about how to portray basic emotions. Connecting with basic vision As I have mentioned in previous posts, I […]

Meditation as Calibration

Kandinsky It is common to think of colors as “warm” or “cold”, “exciting” or “relaxing”. The Russian-born painter and musician Wassily Kandinsky spent years painting abstract compositions, looking at the work of other artists and making note of the effect color had on him. [1]   However, he had an advantage that many of us […]