Man with Two Dimensional, Tilted Head

I was surprised when I finally looked at the paper, after creating this drawing, looking only at the subject. I was hoping to foreshorten his head; he was leaning forward and away from me. However, I can’t help seeing the head as a flat plane tilting away from me when I look at this sketch. […]

Ensnared Circle in Flatland

Flatland was a book written by Edwin A. Abbott in 1884 about the life of geometric beings in their two-dimensional environment. Below is an aerial view of flatland, where a circle bumps into a blue rectangle, deforming it. Jagged lines pierce the blue and white rectangles. Lines are particularly problematic in Flatland, since they are […]

Strip of Hills and Geometric Frames

I’m drawn to geometric forms. If I don’t see them au naturel, I make them up. One way to ‘make up’ geometric forms in photography is to bring all shapes, no matter their depth, to the frontal plane*. This ambition is opposite to that which perspective aspires. *The 2-dimensional frame of the photograph.