Family Drawn Totally Blind

This is an example of the drawings I do without looking at the paper. I have described drawing a family gathering such as this, as akin to drawing a landscape. The outline is virtually the same as a skyline. In most of my ‘blind drawings’, I peek a little bit, to get my bearings. In […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: My warmup exercise today is not directly related to today’s experiment. I love the unpredictability of watercolor washes with more than two colors, so couldn’t resist doing another one today. I began with cerulean blue and washed a small (2″) strip at the top of the paper; cerulean blue seems to require a LOT of […]

Palm and Oak Leaves

Today’s watercolor experiment: I mentioned in other posts, how I love to take photographs of objects that catch my eye. Usually it is a particular juxtaposition of shapes or, in the case of today’s reference photo, a striking color. Reference photo: Process: Sketch In addition to the luminous combination of greens, this photograph has delicate […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: I tried out some of my new-found nibs today. I used one that looked like a paint brush, It was probably 3/8” wide with three tines, and the insides looked like a leaf spring.  I didn’t know if it would work at all.  The first stroke petered out within a couple of […]

Progress – Hand Atlas

I was hoping to have a chart-like presentation of different hand positions typically displayed by my autistic brother, ready for today’s post. However, I ran into some problems. Stage 1 – latex masking fluid Did you ever try drawing with a glob of liquid rubber at the end of a brush handle? It’s even harder […]