Quarantine Portrait Series: Self Portrait, Half Silhouette

I was leaning over for this study. I wanted to try drawing my neck (such as it is).  However, what commanded my interest more was the half of my face in silhouette and the rim of my glasses that caught the light.

Family Drawn Totally Blind

This is an example of the drawings I do without looking at the paper. I have described drawing a family gathering such as this, as akin to drawing a landscape. The outline is virtually the same as a skyline. In most of my ‘blind drawings’, I peek a little bit, to get my bearings. In […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: My warmup exercise today is not directly related to today’s experiment. I love the unpredictability of watercolor washes with more than two colors, so couldn’t resist doing another one today. I began with cerulean blue and washed a small (2″) strip at the top of the paper; cerulean blue seems to require a LOT of […]

Palm and Oak Leaves

Today’s watercolor experiment: I mentioned in other posts, how I love to take photographs of objects that catch my eye. Usually it is a particular juxtaposition of shapes or, in the case of today’s reference photo, a striking color. Reference photo: Process: Sketch In addition to the luminous combination of greens, this photograph has delicate […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: I tried out some of my new-found nibs today. I used one that looked like a paint brush, It was probably 3/8” wide with three tines, and the insides looked like a leaf spring.  I didn’t know if it would work at all.  The first stroke petered out within a couple of […]

Progress – Hand Atlas

I was hoping to have a chart-like presentation of different hand positions typically displayed by my autistic brother, ready for today’s post. However, I ran into some problems. Stage 1 – latex masking fluid Did you ever try drawing with a glob of liquid rubber at the end of a brush handle? It’s even harder […]