Quarantine Portrait Series: Self Portrait From Memory

I’ve done a lot of self portraits from my photos since Covid lockdown of 2020 began.  Today process included sketching the facial features that I remembered from my meticulous observations of self portraits past.

Quarantine Portrait Series: Self Portrait, Profile with Neck

Quarantine has limited my range of subjects to sketch (mostly me).  To compensate, I have been sketching photos of myself, taken from different vantage points, to try capturing facial features seen from a variety of angles, through shading and attending to relative proportions. I’m sure I can apply the lessons I learn from these exercises […]

Concentrating on the Face

Now and then I hit the nail on the head with a blind drawing. I captured the man’s facial features and hairline in the right proportions and orientation (which is not always guaranteed when one draws without looking at the drawing surface).

Red Head in the Rain

I began this study with free form strokes of my liquid latex frisket. The frisket resists watercolors and leaves paper white when removed. The frisket also does not allow permanent marker traces to bleed through. I used markers to cross hatch the area around the dried liquid latex, so the areas would be accentuated. Then I […]

A Different Kind of Practice

Today’s experiment: I have the wonderful opportunity to practice drawing and painting my grandson in his presence! I am not used to drawing from life, relying instead on photographs. It is quite a different experience. William is always in motion. As I am just getting the correct contour of his forehead in profile, he faces […]

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