It’s a Jungle Out There

There’s a lot going on in the painting below. I first drew a free-form design in pencil and continued it with masking fluid. I used this fluid to fill in some of the shapes that were formed by the overlapping pencil work.

I started with Payne’s gray and washed a portion of the top of the paper (which, in the configuration below, is the bottom of the composition), allowing drips to stream down (up) the page. I repeated this with two types of greens, yellow, phthalo blue and Prussian blue.  I filled in the spaces between the streaks of paint, with cerulean blue.

The overall green tangles on the page cried out for reds, so after I removed the masking material, I painted the white spaces with reds and oranges.

Watercolor: Abstract - Jungle Landscape 071217

It’s a Jungle Out There
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I like how the red ‘leaf’ at the bottom seems to jut forward.

One thought on “It’s a Jungle Out There

  1. Very nice! It’s really hard to focus on anything in the painting, because of all the directing lines leading everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Normally, that would annoy me, but in in this one I really like it. It gives me a feeling of chaos and restlessness. Don’t know if that was the point, but anyways, I like it a lot!

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