Robots in Love

Today’s composition began with a latex masking (frisket) design. I complied with my practice of the past few compositions, of  shaking my paper while the frisket was still wet, causing it to streak.  I dripped ink onto the paper in different places and blended those spots with watercolors. I continually inspect the image that arises […]

City Skeleton

I like working with the thin applications of masking frisket. The curved trajectory of the traces form regular beads of fluid, which become the source of intersections, when I jostle the paper from side to side. After my frisket network dried, I dripped ink into its midst. I used sepia and blue inks. They mixed […]

Portrait – Sneeze

I began today with an application of liquid frisket. I’ve been working to perfect the fine traces. I usually draw curves with my small-aperture frisket applicator. Then I jar the watercolor block horizontally in different directions to displace the masking fluid. (In the post Double Exposure, some of the jarring motions created the appearance of […]

Double Exposure

I painted today’s watercolor in two stages. First I applied my masking frisket. This fluid is thin and I was able to drip it on the paper through a narrow tube. After some drips, curves and squiggles, I let it dry. I painted yellow first, then red and Prussian blue inside some of the circular […]

Best Laid Plans

I carefully prepared before setting watercolor to paper today. I used my compass to draw circles and my French curve to draw a sweeping curve across the paper as well as two parallel curved lines.  I even used a straight edge to draw a couple of diverging lines. In the next step, I used latex frisket […]

Abstract Circles

Today I experimented with another type of frisket (liquid latex that, when dried, resists watercolor paint).  I dripped little perfect circles at different places, then drew larger circles with a compass. I washed the paper with lemon yellow except for the partial circle at the lower left. I overpainted most of the yellow with a […]

Cosmic Chicken

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began today’s experiment by applying frisket to my watercolor paper. Frisket, also known as masking fluid or ‘drawing gum’ prevents watercolors from being absorbed into the paper.  Frisket is usually painted in specific areas that the painter intends to keep white. Since watercolors are mainly transparent, white pigment painted over another pigment does […]

Crowd Source Art – Final

It was a long day. Just got back to the kid’s house after a grueling day of fun at Disneyland and more than an hour after I normally post. I thought I’d share my final artistic decisions regarding my crowd-sourced art project I began a couple of posts ago (Crowd-Sourced Art). I took many of your […]

Stems – Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with ink today. I painted yellow ink with a brush to create the form at the top of the paper. Then I added red calligraphy ink, hoping to make an orange color. I did the same with the shapes above and below the first long shape. After applying the ink, I […]