With today’s composition, I’ve reached the limit of my frisket-and-shake technique, at least for regular patterns (see Netted). The graph-like overlay on the painted area resulted from shaking the liquid masking (frisket) that I applied in closely-spaced parallel lines.

The design includes some very dark areas. A bit of overspill from my ink bottle, poured from standing height caused this (and also some ink-spotted rocks in the back yard). One may notice fine spatter droplets upon looking closely at the lighter areas of this study. I was hoping for more of a recognizable splash effect. An eyedropper would probably have been the appropriate tool for this instead of a pour from the bottle.

Watercolor: Abstract - Limit 061717

12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I like the curves in the horizontal lines. They give the impression of bulging space.

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