Parking Lot Spacer at Night

This inverted ‘U’ shape is a portion of a divider between parking spaces at my second most frequented parking lot. I like this kind of spacer better than the single lines that delineate spaces for cars.  Being outside the limits of this double-lined spacer is assurance that one is parked correctly. One cannot be sure […]

Street-Hole Cover at Night

I’m not sure what this iron cover is protecting. I wouldn’t call it a manhole cover, as it is only 12-18 inches in diameter. Also, it is in a parking lot. Maybe it is a drain from one of the restaurants. I like the reflection of the yellow street lights.

Same Shot, Different Day

This is my red-curbed corner at night… in the rain.  It is quite different from my other night shot. In the picture below, it really looks like nighttime. The ground is dark, the red is not the bright red of daytime. I venture to say that even if the brilliant white car headlight did not […]

Curb at Night Lit by a Headlamp

I don’t like Standard Time. It is dark when my work shift is over. The only good thing about that is the opportunity to shoot night-time parking lot scenes. The scene below was lit by the headlamp of a car. It added white to the convexity of the red curb.  

Light Headed

The illumination from a matrix of street lights leaves ghostly images. I would call them ‘after images’ but they persist. The ghost shadow that stands behind the darker one subtracts from the head of the figure in the foreground. There is a light blue line that runs through the center of the body shadow. It […]

Night Shadow

As part of the exploration of my new (part-time) environment, I wander around during my break. There is terrific lighting at night all around the parking lot. It is hard to take a shot without getting one’s own shadow in the frame. I took the photograph below after I decided which post would hold the […]

Light, Hole and Wheel

My wanderings around the parking lot during my work break seem to get later and later. Outside keeps getting darker and darker. In front of me was a scene that caught my eye, for some reason. There were three elements that I had to capture in my camera. For some reason it made visual sense. […]

Night Lot

In many of my previous posts I’ve examined minute details of parking lots, particularly the painted areas (see Painted Pavement, Derelict Parking Lot, New Board Game, Flag of an Unknown Country, Parking Lot Photography, Craggy Lines). During daylight hours, any photograph of a parking area (unless it is a structure) is not about the lot […]