Annotated Self Portrait

I avoid looking in mirrors. I don’t like seeing photographs of myself either. When do see myself, I imagine that others must react to my appearance in the same way I do: very critically.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve read a few Raymond Chandler mysteries. I love a good film noir and Chandler’s writing is the source of many of them. He has a very appealing way of turning a phrase. For example, when his main character, private eye Philip Marlowe starts his car, Chandler has him say, “I choked the car to life.” (Note: cars of the Marlowe’s era had a choke valve that regulated the flow of gas.)

It so happens that a recent encounter with my own image coincided with my reading of another passage from Chandler’s Lady in the Lake:  “His head with the hat off had the indecent look of heads that are seldom without hats.”

Watercolor: Abstract Self Portrait with Writing

Annotated Self Portrait
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Block

Perhaps I’m a bit too sensitive.

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