Street and Parking Lot Hydrants

These hydrants, water meters and standpipes serve two potential fire venues, the street and the parking lot.  I wonder if this arrangement was planned. Other photographic captures are found in the following posts: Fire Plugs, Fireplugs, the Beginning, Shiny Standpipe, What Luck!, Colorful Fireplugs, Fire Hydrant, From the Top.

Fire Hydrant, From the Top

I have trouble resisting shiny things. This bright red fire hydrant is located between my house and the Post Office. The sun caught it just right and I could not just walk by without snapping it. I’ve lost track of the number of photographs in my fireplug (also known as hydrant or standpipe) series. Other […]

Storefront Back

This is the back of a very big storefront. Really big.  You might notice the standpipe valves. This is the same standpipe I featured in a previous post. It is interesting to see in in context with the rest of the paraphernalia associated with a large storefront, although most of the hardware is hidden from […]