Thinking or Sleeping

This woman is in a state of mind different than yesterday’s subject. Today’s lady is looking inward, absorbed in her thoughts or meditating.  The woman from my previous sketch seems to be focused on the middle distance, wondering about affairs outside herself, even though we don’t see her eyes.

Man Thinking Out of the Box, Inside His Own Head

The hand, the arc of the top of the man’s head and the ear are all in proportion. The face is in proportion with itself (a bit long in the chin perhaps). The error in creating a proportionate drawing is obvious; the results are unexpected, but pleasing.

It Hurts When…

When I was a kid, I went to the doctor. I think it was for a check up, but I wanted to know what the burning feeling was when I tried to touch my toes. I told the doctor, “It hurts when I do this,” and proceeded to try touching my toes. I had not […]

Packing Up

I’m getting ready to return to Chicago after my side trip to New Jersey.  My much-anticipated visit with my brother Mike was underwhelming, to say the least. It was a return to reality, in essence quite similar to my previous visits with him. It seems that I spent the intervening years between visits romanticizing my […]

More about Process

I’m talking about artistic process, here. Maybe this is a mis-characterization of my ‘brother project’, but I don’t really think so. In art, like science, the artist/scientist is trying to understand something. I am trying to understand my autistic brother. Actions speak louder than words, but words [1] are necessary My mother always told me that […]