Unfinished Abstract

Sadly, I was only able the finish the yellow insides of the abstract below before my midnight deadline.  The purple color outside was what I had planned. I used a photo editor as a way to get an idea about the finished piece. I hope to have a watercolor-y looking finished product by tomorrow.  

Imprecision Sans Lines

Yesterday’s post was, in part, about rescuing one of my compositions that had some technical errors. I solved my problem by adding some dark (Mondrian-esque) lines to cover my painting mishaps.  However, I made a copy of my work before I applied the lines. With the help of Photoshop, I smoothed over the mistakes. I […]

Too Light for Heavy Work

I couldn’t resist photographing this painted stop sign. After the paint dried, another street crew must have found it necessary to remove the circular iron grid upon which some of the sign was painted. Far from being attentive to details, the crew did not replace the very heavy manhole cover in the right position.  I know […]

Negative Blond

I like the rendition of Dirty Blond I did for yesterday’s post. It seems to abstract the salient features of my own portrait captured from that 8mm film my dad took many years ago. Today I tried to replicate what I did yesterday, only with complimentary colors. My thinking was that the Dirty Blond image was […]


Relaxing is a relative term. In some cultures, when one tires of walking, trotting is the logical way to rejuvenate one’s self. That make’s sense to me. A repetitive action can get tedious and boring and very un-relaxing. This not only holds for higher frequency activities like folding letters to stuff into envelopes, one after another, […]