The loquat tree in the back yard is just drooping with fruit. As soon as they are ripe, the squirrels will descend like locusts and the loquats will be gone. I worry about the branches, which are already strained with weight. Adding the weight of a couple of squirrels could be disastrous. The timing will be tricky to beat the squirrels to a basket of ripe loquats.

Just before it started raining, I sat on the back porch and sketched the loquat tree. The leaves are crescent shaped and ridged. The colors of the fruit range from green to orange-yellow.

Watercolor: Loquat Tree

9″x6″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I didn’t quite capture the contrast of the colored fruit against the leafy background. I was trying to fill in the white spaces surrounding the loquats and the leaves. This might have been more successful had I not done this and quit while there were still white spaces.

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