Nespol-Leaf Salad

The nespoli (also known as loquats) are still hanging around on the tree, although there are a significant number on the ground. Some of them on the tree have been eaten away by birds. Squirrels like them too, but I haven’t seen them around. I took some more pictures, this time concentrating on the leaves. […]

Preliminary Sketch Abstract Nespoli

I like the design that came through in my photograph of the nespoli (also known as loquat) tree. Yesterday’s painting was fun to do. I think resolving the shapes in the photograph to circles and polygons would be an interesting exercise as well. Below is my preliminary drawing. In the second stage, I will try […]


Today, for a change of pace, I created a watercolor rendition of some of the nespoli in the back yard. Just joking. It is not a change of pace, since nespoli are the same as loquats. (I think nespoli is plural. I have never heard of a nespolum, or a nespolus.) I decided to include a […]

Loquat Tree Detail

There were too many loquats to paint yesterday (see Overdone?). Today I just painted a portion of them. This composition warrants more attention. There is potential for abstracting the curves of the leaves, the ribs within the leaves and the pattern of the fruit on their stems.


The loquat tree in the back yard is just drooping with fruit. As soon as they are ripe, the squirrels will descend like locusts and the loquats will be gone. I worry about the branches, which are already strained with weight. Adding the weight of a couple of squirrels could be disastrous. The timing will be tricky […]