Cloudy Sunset

I love sunsets and clouds. I paint sunsets fairly well, but clouds present a problem.  Today, the sky was changeable. There were clouds of all kinds. Dark clouds provided a background for diaphanous white/yellow wisps. There were high altitude clouds looking down on their more photogenic cousins.

I took a photograph of a portion of the sky when I got home this evening.

Photograph: Clouds and Tree Silhouette

Cloudy Sunset with Tree

I couldn’t resist the attempt to replicate, or at least capture the mood of the sky.

Watercolor: Clouds and Tree Silhouette

Cloudy Sunset
9″x6″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Not as much drama in the watercolor, but passion first, technique later, to coin a phrase.

6 thoughts on “Cloudy Sunset

      • Good morning, Jack. I spent endless hours watching clouds from Tom’s various hospital windows. The clouds inspired different emotions within me and also challenged me to advocate for continuing change. I’d also see violent flashes of lighting cut across the sky while the wind whipped the clouds into a frenzy. At times it seemed to be the pattern of Tom’s illness.
        I also recalled magnificient memories Tom and I had from years of cloud watching. Some of his best artistic works have been inspired from nature.

        • Thank you for that, Sheri. Nature is indeed awe inspiring. So glad that Tom could use his powers to bend nature to his will in his art. I’m happy for the treasured memories you and Tom had from observing the random beauty of the clouds.

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