Flying Shirt

Problem: I run a dry cleaning business and my laundry plant is on the second floor. The elevator only works when it wants to and the stairs are steep and narrow. How do I accommodate my delivery boy (my sister’s son) who has a lung condition? See the photo below for an interesting solution found […]

Remember When?

There were days, long ago, when many people believed the sentiment in the sign above the nightclub, pictured below.  I’m not talking about noise. I mean the thought that someone would write a congressman to expect a solution to a problem.  That thought, more than 25 years later is laughable.

Other Side

I took this photograph in Brooklyn somewhere. I like normally-exposed images as a rule but there is something about the arrangement of signage and the surrounding detritus that meshes with the underexposure of this image of a hidden corner of Brooklyn.


I took the photo below during one of my walks in Brooklyn, when I lived in NYC in the 1980s and 90s. It was somewhere near the Verrazano Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. I like the gentle curve of the park benches as well as the sawtooth shadows of the slats on the bench […]


My watercolor experiment today is a combination of yesterday’s more-or-less free form style and the the hypo-realistic bookstore painting from a few days ago. The opportunity presented itself as I was looking though some of the photographs I took years ago when I lived in Brooklyn, NY.  I used to go on wandering photo walks. […]