Abstract 072917

Today was one of those days of painter’s block.  I wanted to use black as a separator between different spaces on the paper. The models were Matisse’s The Moroccans and Bathers by a River.

In reading about these paintings John Elderfield, in Henri Matisse: A Retrospective (Museum of Modern Art 1992), established a connection between Matisse’s spatial discontinuity and Henri Bergson‘s concept of discontinuous time. I was baffled and amazed at this association, as only a few days ago before I read Elderfield’s essay, I composed a painting inspired by my readings of Bergson’s time philosophy (see Art Inspired by Bergsonian Time).

The narrative explaining the discontinuities of the paintings referred to above did not help or inspire today.

Watercolor: Abstract 072917

Abstract 072917
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

4 thoughts on “Abstract 072917

  1. Very nice. Love the colors. I’ve started playing with abstract painting recently, a thought that had intimidated me before, but now I find I love it. It’s so freeing and in some ways more creative than painting a subject.

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