Edge/No Edge

Today I experimented with free form design. I drew half of it with an oil-based ink and the other with charcoal. On the inked side, I painted colors without variation; on the charcoal side I painted gradients of color. In the center, between the edged and no-edged form, I drew parallel inked lines. Each side […]

Face: Edge and No Edge

I’ve been reading The Age of Insight by Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel. In this fascinating book about art and neurobiology, he relates visual techniques of artists to the brain’s processing of visual information. Today I explore hard and soft edges in a schematic portrait of a human head. Kandel pointed out that the first […]

The Brain and Art

I just resumed my reading of The Age of Insight, a book by Nobel Prize winning neurobiologist Eric Kandel. It is a unique book that examines the world of art beginning in the early 20th century (with Vienna, Austria as the focal point) in relation to the psychology and physiology of the brain. I remember studying […]

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