Tutor Waiting For Tutee Who Arrived 15 Minutes Later

I spent some time drawing the figure on the right, in the sketch below. After a while another man came to the table and sat down. I could tell there was a teacher-student relationship between them. It is difficult to portray time in a still picture. Perhaps the relaxed position of the man on the […]

Overlaid Inscribed Figure

Today’s watercolor experiment: I sidetracked myself from reading Kandinsky. I am a slow but thorough reader and Kandinsky requires slow going. I was itching to actually paint something, so I revisited my effort to depict reading of a contact sheet. After attaching watercolor paper to my drawing board, I drew a 6×6 grid of rectangles […]

Untitled Time Piece

Today’s experiment: I am in the midst of a series of experiments that explore visual portrayal of time. Summarizing my progress thus far: I developed a graphic that represents the passage of time based on how one’s eyes scan a photographic contact sheet; I assigned the yellow portion of the spectrum and sepia to represent […]

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