Memories of Michael: See-Saw in Willowbrook Park (Photos – early 1960s)

This is an early entry into a photographic essay about growing up with an autistic sibling. The essay has expanded over the years, trying to engage the topic of communicating with those who can’t communicate back.

Shading and Evading

Over a period of about 10 years or so, I must have taken 300 rolls of film of my brother Mike. I combined these photos with old family snapshots, my journal entries and information garnered from my parents, to create a photographic memoir. It is a safe bet to say Mike didn’t know that I […]

Review #2 Photos of Mike

I began a photographic/journalistic record of my efforts to define my relationship with Mike, my older brother. This might sound odd to those of you just joining me on my blog, but Mike is autistic, low functioning and has never spoken. I never knew for sure if he knew that I was his brother. There […]

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