More Street Art

Those of you who have been following my recent series of found ‘street art’ know not to expecting murals or other graffiti masterpieces. On the contrary. I have been making art by way of framing portions of lines and blocks of paint used to delineate parking areas or lanes of traffic. I’ve mentioned in my […]

Pavement Lines

I’m not sure that the photograph below is recognizable as the deteriorating lines painted in a parking lot. To me, it seems the only possibility. Could one see it as an abstract composition?  Probably it could, to someone who has not looked at parking lot lines very closely.  


What would the conclusion be if a parking lot archeologist came upon this layer in the sediment, many years from now?  Much depends on the continuity of history. In the future where the slab pictured below is unearthed, would handicapped space indicators in parking lots still be blue?; would there still be handicapped spaces?; would […]

Faded Blue Line

Now and then those who manage parking lots decide to re-do the spaces, or at least re-allocate spaces: from handicap spaces to regular, or vice-versa. Since there are no pavement-line erasers, they have to paint over the existing lines. This is reminiscent of the working habits of some abstract expressionists who revise their painting leaving […]

Pre-Bikon Pavement Sign

The other day during my walk I found a sign on the side of the rode that indicated the boundaries for the bicycle lane. It was a pictorial representation of a pedal bike. I called it a ‘bikini‘. Yesterday, I found another pavement sign indicating the bike lane. I suppose it is an historic sign, […]