Pre-Bikon Pavement Sign

The other day during my walk I found a sign on the side of the rode that indicated the boundaries for the bicycle lane. It was a pictorial representation of a pedal bike. I called it a ‘bikini‘.

Yesterday, I found another pavement sign indicating the bike lane. I suppose it is an historic sign, as it seemed to predate the use of icons, at least for pavement-level signs.

Photograph: Lane Bike (Pre Bikon Pavement Sign) 070217

Lane Bike

This is a composite of two photos. I could not fit the entire phrase in the viewfinder, so I stitched them together with a photo editor. Also, I was not tall enough to hold the plane of the photosensors parallel to the ground, so the letters are slightly wider at the top than at the bottom.

As I was setting up for the shot, a miserable driver honked his horn at me. I bobbled the phone and almost lost it down the Blue Arrow and Sewer grate.

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