Bikon and Self Portrait

I could not resist putting myself in this snapshot. To tell the truth, it was nearly impossible to keep the camera shadow out of the shot. However, a good photograph is in part, about photography, about the photographer and of course, about the subject. In portraiture, there is interaction between the photographer and the person […]

Bikon on Green Field

I like the spongy green surfaces that have sprouted up within some of the bicycle lanes here in town. I came across one patch yesterday. The by-now-universal bicycle icon (see post ‘Bikon‘) was emblazoned on this green field. The iconic bike rider looks a bit pediatric due to the foreshortening in the picture. This was […]

Pre-Bikon Pavement Sign

The other day during my walk I found a sign on the side of the rode that indicated the boundaries for the bicycle lane. It was a pictorial representation of a pedal bike. I called it a ‘bikini‘. Yesterday, I found another pavement sign indicating the bike lane. I suppose it is an historic sign, […]