The Scream

Edvard Munch painted a picture that became an icon. It is entitled The Scream. Today’s watercolor experiment: The Scream has adopted by popular culture.  I humbly submit the icon below to include the animal kingdom.  There is plenty to shriek about in this world by both man and animals.  


Today’s watercolor experiment: Events of the past few days inspired today’s watercolor. I started with my new brush, a 3/4″ oval wash (which I love), and used Winsor red to draw a full, luscious contour. I filled it in with Winsor red and lighter colors to make it look like half of a three dimensional solid. […]

The Grunt

Extraction from photograph I found a photograph of my brother Mike walking in a park with Dad during one of our visits to his group home. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. He has some idiosyncratic self-harming behaviors, including head slapping, hand biting and slamming his arm against the side of his chest. He […]

Chicago Art

We made it in to Chicago again. I’ve always heard about the Chicago Art Institute, and finally got to go. We spent the whole day at there. It was delightful and reminded me of my younger days. I lived in New York City for quite a while and enjoyed “my” museums. I felt that some […]

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