Fifty Lashes

I love opening a new block of watercolor paper. When I opened one today I had a nice surprise. Usually, there is printing all over the black paper that protects the first sheet of paper in the block. Today’s sheet was completely black – no writing at all. It was perfect for my composition.

Watercolor Crayons on Black Paper

Fifty Lashes
12″x9″ Black Paper (Protecting Watercolor Block)

A word about the eye icon I used as the central visual element. Many of you, who have been following me for a while, know that my older brother is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. His eyes are also mis-aligned. One looks one way, the other another way. I could never tell which eye did his seeing. But one or the other of them always looked to the side.

Mike had beautiful, thick lashes.

Photo of Dad and Mike: different version from 1997 Advocate article

Mike and Dad

I always wanted Mike’s attention. His wandering eye only occasionally rested on me. It is fitting that this symbol be a central figure of my art, which strives to make sense, in a visual way, of my relationship with Mike.

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