Mike’s Eyes, Now Closed

Mike is still with us or, (more accurately) with himself. Mike is my older autistic brother, who is autistic and low functioning. During most of his life he was inwardly directed, although he would take your hand sometimes, to get you to open a door to go where he wanted, or to direct you to […]

Mike Sketch Project: Mike Portrait at Brown June 1, 1990

This is a sketch of one of the first portraits I took of my brother Mike. Mike is older than I am, autistic, low functioning and has never spoken. One notable feature of Mike’s appearance is his diverging eyes.  Early in the history of this blog, I noted that I never quite knew which eye […]


Another emphasis on eyes, beginning with three initial curves. The first lines in this painting are in red. The triangular black area, speckled with white seems to be gazing in at the original eye, bounded by the curved black areas at the right hand side of the picture.

Staring Eyes

My niece is, for intents and purposes, mute. She lies there with her eyes closed most of the time. I say her name loudly, perhaps too loudly, and she opens her eyes. They usually don’t stay open for long. From gaze, I can’t tell if she recognizes me. She is focused on the mid-distance. Her eyes are […]


The dark eyes of my photograph from many years ago (in When are Portraits Self Portraits?) really caught my attention. I followed up with three portraits based on that photograph (Dirty Blond, Negative Blond and Disorientation). Today’s watercolor focuses even more closely on this shadow eye. Eyes are supposed to tell one about the machinations of […]

Blind Portrait

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday I did not take my eyes of the plant I was drawing. I did not look at the paper. Today I did the opposite. I closed my eyes and did not look at the paper or the subject. The subject was my mother’s face. I used to practice drawing her face […]

Red Eye From Hell

So, here I am on the east coast. The opening sentence of yesterday’s blog began: “Right now, I am probably on the red-eye to the east coast.”  The ‘right now’ referred to was midnight, when I schedule my posts to go live. Strictly speaking, I was correct. I was on the 10:59PM flight sitting at […]

Eyes Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: For something completely different, I started my watercolor with pen and ink.  I had a rude surprise when I opened the box where I stored my dip pens, I found that most of my inks had dried up, inside the bottles. I hadn’t used them in a really long time! Some calligraphy […]

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