Today’s watercolor experiment: My pen point did a bit of walking* for this experiment. Unlike yesterday’s doodle, my peripatetic pen created a completely closed form today. I did lift the pen tip from the paper a couple of times to draw a couple of circular forms. I don’t remember the thought process that led me to do this, but I […]

New Approach

Today’s watercolor experiment: I bought a new brush today. I never had one like it before. It a 3/4″ oval wash brush. The bristles are about an inch long and they area smooth and flexible. I started today’s watercolor by using this brush to see how it works. After I soaked the paper with water, […]

Radical Self-Understanding

I came across this term while I was writing my post about Socrates’s ‘An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living’ quotation. I identified with the term radical self-understanding since it seems that it is an activity in which I am engaged. My activity could also be described with other terms: radical narcissism, obsessive self-reflection, pissing […]

Mike Portrait

My brother Michael is unrecognizable in this portrait. I had not intended it this way, but it is oddly appropriate. Since Mike has never spoken and functions on a very low level, I don’t know much about him as a person. He is alien to me. As I have discussed in previous posts, seemingly ad […]


Why would I take a photo like this? At the end of March of this year, I posted a very strange photograph of myself that I took during the course of a photography workshop in which I was enrolled (Portrait with Huge Misunderstanding). I had just embarked on a long-term project to portray my relationship […]