Storefront at Night

I began with pencil, inked the main lines and added color to finish the sketch. The most satisfying part of this process occurred when I drew the framework. In this composition. the framework was the structure holding up the windows that formed the storefront. As I sketched the contents within the store, I experienced the […]

Street Photographer’s Dream

When I lived in New York, I carried my camera everywhere. Those were the days before cell phones, when cameras were not ubiquitous. I was always on the lookout for something unusual. Once I talked to someone who said she only looked where she was going. I had a hard time understanding that. When I […]

Graffiti and Posters

Today’s watercolor experiment: I have been looking through my archived photos of New York City street scenes. Most of them qualify for membership in my graffiti series.  Today’s snapshot, like yesterday‘s, pictures graffiti on a corner of a building. One wall of the corner building is decorated with series of ripped up posters; the other corner […]

Graffiti for Rent

Today’s watercolor experiment: It was wintertime in 1991. I was on my way to Adorama in Manhattan to get some film. I don’t remember the entire route I took except when I stopped to punctuate my travel with a photo or two. The red must have attracted me. There was just something about it that […]

Graffiti at Night

I took the picture below on 23rd street, my way back home from Penn Station. I had my tripod.  I like the look of night color photographs. They don’t look the same as through the viewfinder. One can tell that cars traveled through the frame of the picture as I snapped the shutter. Their tail lights […]

Fine Books

I took the photograph below during one of my walks around Manhattan. Leo Weitz opened a rare book business in 1909. I don’t know if the storefront I photographed (on Lexington Avenue at about 90th Street) is his original place of business or even if it is still there, 20+ years after I took the picture. According […]

Clock Building

I always loved clocks. Being an accumulator, clocks became a subject of my acquisitiveness: clocks themselves; books about clocks, about time; pictures of clocks and pictures of clock stores. Here is a photo of my time travel collection I used to have: When I used to walk up Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, I would love […]