Quarantine Sketch: Draped Bust in Context

I cropped yesterday’s photo (Draped Bust) purposely to create ambiguity: Was the sculpture of drapes, or was there an underlying sculpture covered by a drape?  The sketch below is a sketch of the uncropped photograph.  

Time Lends Context

I was leafing (I mean scrolling) through some old photographs that I took when I used to wander around NYC.  There was an incongruity in one of them. The shape seemed familiar, but not in the context of my street photography. The thumbnail size of the picture did not at once, offer much clarification. It was […]

Negative Space

Negative space is a concept frequently taught in visual design courses. When looking through a viewfinder of a camera or composing a sketch or painting, the shape of spaces in between objects becomes a design element. It is odd however, that this idea is considered negative ‘space’, since it is generally realized in two-dimensional representations. […]


Language Managing the task of understanding language – sentences – combinations of words we have never heard before, is an enormous computational task, if we were to program a computer to decipher natural language. Much of what we understand of the spoken word comes from context. In fact, it is often true, that when people […]

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