Time Lends Context

I was leafing (I mean scrolling) through some old photographs that I took when I used to wander around NYC.  There was an incongruity in one of them. The shape seemed familiar, but not in the context of my street photography. The thumbnail size of the picture did not at once, offer much clarification. It was only after I enlarged it did I remember the design that caused me to click the shutter.  The triangular shape of the profile of an awning echoed the arrow part of the ‘One Way’ sign, like a big fish chasing a smaller one.

Photograph: Street Scene and 'Play' Button

Giant Play Button

At a glance, however, I took the image for the ‘Play’ symbol, such as those found on TV and video remote controls.  Those symbols are ubiquitous today. My mind applied modern context to an image constructed without knowledge that its constituent shapes would be significant with the passage of time.

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