Green Heron Kneeling

I love birds. Especially birds with interesting coloring. I saw a blue and reddish streak fly by me yesterday as I was walking on the edge of the lake. It seemed about to land, but I lost sight of it as it passed some tall reeds. I continued slowly and discovered the bird standing on […]

Sky and Birds

A couple of birds were on a wire outside my window this morning. My freeform began with a wire-like line that divided the paper, and curvy lines to for the sky. I filled in the curves with almost every kind of blue in my paint box. The black lower portion of the composition is interrupted […]

Abstract – Bird of Paradise

I love drawing free form designs with my new oil-based pen with a fine point. I feel like I’m making a sketch for a coloring book, when I’m making my patterns. People come into the store where I work and ask for ‘adult coloring books’. My knee-jerk reaction is to tell them, “This is NOT […]