Off the Mark

In most cases, graffiti artists don’t have problems framing their tags. They like longevity and usually choose permanent edifices upon which to make their mark. The indelibility of the graffiti pictured below is limited to the portion sprayed on the sidewalk. Out here in California, the gardeners usually come one time a week, which means […]


I took the shot below at night somewhere in Manhattan. I was always looking for interesting subject matter. I came across a piano on the sidewalk. It was partially wrapped in a tarp, a chair was tied to it with rope; the owner (or player) left a sign that said ‘Back in a minute’.  I wish […]

Early Watercolors

I was looking through some of the photographs that I took when I lived in New York City. I loved the light at certain times of day and was always on the lookout for interesting shadows and shapes. I love the organization of the shapes and the light on these particular pipes I passed in […]