Painted Pavement

Below is another iteration in my series of pavement paintings (see Pavement Lines, Vertex, Another Vertex, More Street Art). My role in capturing this ‘found art’ is to crop, or frame, the image in a compelling manor. Contrasts in texture as well as shapes of painted and unpainted areas are some of the visual elements that […]

Framing an Image

As a photographer, an important lesson to learn is how to frame an image in the viewfinder. Normally, one ponders the background, hoping to eliminate anything that would detract from the point you are trying to make, or the feeling you are trying to portray. One doesn’t always get a clear indication of how to […]

Window Graffiti

I had a lot of good times walking around New York City with my camera. I seem to be a person with a good visual sense. There is so much visual stimulation in NYC, one just has to walk around and observe. Today’s vintage presentation: As in my other recent post, the photograph (see below) from which […]