Applied Washes

Today’s watercolor experiment: I started today’s experiment with an idea to execute a circular watercolor wash. However, I could not control both the curvature and the flow of pigment from the brush, at the same time. The initial brush stroke was resulting from a relatively dry brush. I executed several disconnected curves with ultramarine blue […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with a dry brush stroke of indanthrone blue with a stiff-bristle brush. I zigged and zagged. Graded washes were on my mind from my warm-up activities (see Limber Session, also from today). I used cadmium orange to fill in the space between the upper zigs, a darker orange at the […]

Small Studies

Much to my surprise, I find myself drawn to the images I construct with latex rubber masking fluid. Even though I swore I would not use this technique again (Last Rubber Image), I can’t seem to help myself. They are a lot of fun to make. Blue to yellow The images below are rather small […]