Feathered Infundibulum

I twisted a fan brush loaded with paint to begin this composition. I interposed some red between the feathered spikes of blue. This design contains several depictions of funnel, or funnel effects. Infundibulum is from the Latin. It means funnel. It is also the term for stalk that connects the hypothalamus to the pituitary, dangling […]

Hands as Funnel?

Today’s watercolor experiment: Process: Yesterday I was thinking about making the hands I paint more abstract. I started today with two Payne gray brushstrokes. The first one (on the left) was spot on. It had just the contour I wanted. The second one was a bit off, but not terribly. As with yesterday’s study, I incorporated […]

Dam It

Today’s watercolor experiment: Something I said in yesterday’s post struck a chord with myself (oddly enough) and I thought I would put it into practice today: “The rubber could act like dams of color, potentially yielding drips of paint to a different color field below.”  I refer to the latex watercolor resist that I have […]