Old Palette

My paintings so far this year have a limited range of colors. This happened because I used small bowls of paint to mix my color and I have more than enough for a single work. I don’t like to throw away paint, so I use the left overs on the next sketch. I remembered that I […]

Halloween Mantle

This is the first entry in my new notebook. I continue my color experimenting, this time, with pencil.  The holiday dictates a limited palette of mainly orange and black. Hopefully the rest of the book will prove educational (to me) and compelling (to you, the viewer).

Changing Palette

My palette changes with availability of paint. My abundant transparent earth tones (iron oxides, mainly), merge nicely with the blues I have. Today’s study began with iron oxide washes blending with blues ranging from greenish (turquoise) to reddish (ultramarine). Between the ultramarine shape and the red iron oxide, I laid in cadmium orange to accentuate […]

Residual Ideas

Once again, I was thumbing through one of my art books about Paul Klee.  Of all the drawings I flipped past, Untamed Waters from 1934, stuck in my mind. I tried to find a link to this work, but I could not. This figure, pictured in the book as black and white, contains a multitude of lines, […]

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