William’s Rendition of the Halloween Mantle

We spent Halloween with the kids and grandkids. William asked if he could draw  in my new sketch book. I told him that I wanted something good. He went off and later, came back with the sketch you see below. He had decided to draw the mantle that his mom decorated.* *My own rendition was the […]


Play I had a nice comment the other day about an approach to painting. Susie wrote that instead of “practice, practice, practice”, as I thought I should do, it would be better to “play, play, play”.  That is excellent advice. It seems to be in keeping with the efforts of some great artists who strove […]


I started a watercolor class today. I’m looking forward to learning more about what I can do with that medium. I also thought, since I am reacquainting myself with the basics of painting, I should also think about how to portray basic emotions. Connecting with basic vision As I have mentioned in previous posts, I […]