Leaf Fantasy

This is another composition in which I introduced a streak of quinacridone burnt orange into a field of ultramarine blue. I really love the rust/green/yellow hue that results. My first, steady stroke into the wet ultramarine diffused away from the center to create a narrow, wedge-shaped leaf, or root-like image. (I proceeded to paint another rendition of this, varying the speed of the stroke to use the pauses to allow water to bloom in a way to create the appearance of lobes of a leaf – see Ghost Leaf .)

My interval on the back porch this morning inspired the next phase of my composition. The fig tree is just coming out with pale green leaves. I interposed branches, painted with burnt orange, this time on dry ultramarine blue.

Watercolor: Abstract - Leaf Fantasy

Leaf Fantasy
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

To finish off my study, I painted the edges of a fig leaf so it would appear to be behind the patch of blue.

6 thoughts on “Leaf Fantasy

  1. This makes me wonder what plants would paint if they could. It looks to me like a leaf presenting its painting. There have been studies done to show that they communicate via chemicals and who knows what else there is to discover. Maybe one day, with our help, plants will be able to paint after all. If that day comes and I live to see it, I will most certainly think of this beautiful painting.

    • Very interesting thoughts, thanks for that! Perhaps plants paint with chemicals already and we are not aware. Think of autumn. Trees probably collaborate with their neighbors to display breathtaking colors. Painter of autumn vistas are repainting their artwork.

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