Red Curve

The red curve below is actually a red curb that protects a sidewalk that juts into a drive bounding a parking lot. The red color indicates that the sidewalk is protected against parked cars. This clever scheme that disallows civilian cars and allows emergency vehicles to park and put out fires or protect the innocent.

All that aside, I like the design that this portion of the parking lot/sidewalk interface makes, especially the blue line pointing to the red curb.

Photography: Red Curb and Curve 110217

Red Curve

4 thoughts on “Red Curve

  1. I liked how the white veered away from the red, as if it didn’t want to have to speak with it or acknowledge it. The blue is brushing by, I’m thinking a quick word politely tossed back to the red. Who just has been snubbed twice. Oh dear. Look what your cool photo did to me! I really like the look of this one, regardless of any stories I made up about it.

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